We walk with partners

Farmers pushing for the release of the 71 million peso coco levy fund marched for 1,750 kilometers from Mindanao to Luzon in behalf of the 3.5 million coconut farmers across the country (Photo: Rhea Pauline Catada)

Oxfam’s success can be attributed to a mix of deliberate and opportunistic programme approaches and partnership-based work that included government and non-government entities at various levels – the NGOs, the INGOs, community organizations, women’s rights groups, the academe. We deem this as important elements in the equation for change.

Each partnership brings something unique to the engagements, all crucial, and at different junctures of history, play roles of varying levels of weight and significance. Oxfam recognizes and values diversity of agents for change, and boldly faces up to the challenge of engaging each differently.