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Locals form human chain to bring supplies to higher ground in Brgy. Lipatan, Cagayan (Photo: April Bulanadi/Oxfam)

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The audacious future is now

We are disrupting entrenched political and social structures to chart a new course. We are turning to an audacious future where respect for ecological, cultural, and gender diversity is celebrated.  It is a future where there is food for everyone, and people living in poverty are able to realize their aspirations.  It is a future where everyone – in government, in civil society, in private sector, in academia – bring their resources together and create opportunities to lift people from poverty to a place where they can thrive and live in harmony with the planet. 

We are steadfast in upholding gender justice

Over the past decade, we have been successful in amplifying women's voices with the passage of laws that uphold their rights in the social, economic and political fronts. It's time to turn up the volume even more,  making sure that women's and girls’ voices reverberate in households, in  communities, in the workplace, and in the halls of policy-making bodies.

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We would like to invite you to journey with us and share our vision by getting actively involved in our causes. You can share our message to your family and across your network by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you want to know more about our global campaigns, you can go to International Campaigns Page for an overview.