Lady (not her real name) and her baby pose for the camera in this photograph taken in February.
People in conflict areas are left with nowhere to go as aid deliveries have lessened or stopped due to travel restrictions “It would have been easier for Lady (not her real name) to make it through the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic if she did not have to worry about bullets and infant...
Ahmed walks in a tent city
Ahmed is seven. His father Zaldy said the boy is fond of lamps that each night in their house in barangay Lilod, Marawi City, Ahmed always wanted the LED lights turned off so he can have the soft glow of the lamp when he does his homework or read something before he sleeps.
Mrs. Bairona Langco, 44, from Marawi City
On the day of the siege on May 23, she opened her boutique that sells bags and dresses like it was an ordinary day. But in the afternoon, there was an alarm call. People were running in the streets yelling, “ISIS! ISIS!”
Nashreema, 18, with her son Jomal
Nashreema is a young mother who fled Marawi City. Before the conflict, Nashreema owned a small shop where she sold vegetables, fish and snacks, while her husband drives a tricycle around their small town inside Marawi City. When the war broke out, Nashreema fled empty-handed.
A woman sets up a small shop inside Saguiaran evacuation center
The ongoing debate about cash assistance versus direct food distribution often overlooks the needs of individuals and families that we in HRC are trying to help. Cash provides the family the ability to meet its most critical needs. It may be milk or the variety and freshness of other food that the...
Women write their visions for better recovery of the educational institutions of Marawi
May 26 was the day Farhana didn't have the slightest hint of a choice. As she faced a band of militants who didn't budge as they aimed their firearms at her unless she leaves her house, she saw soldiers on the other end of the road pressing her to run towards them.
As conflict continues to intensify in Marawi, with a predominant Muslim-population of about 200,000 people in Central Mindanao, very little is known of the plight of civilians trapped inside their homes and those who have fled, estimated to be a large number.
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