#SayEnoughCypher: join our global music and poetry jam to end violence against women

“Music and arts have the power to culturally, morally, and emotionally influence our society. For us artists, we are able to share messages through our music. This is how we become part of people’s everyday lives and, together, we can challenge harmful norms.” - Talahib People’s Music, from the Philippines.

Take your mic and stand with us! You can join our jam and participate in Say Enough Cypher on Instagram and Facebook: Post your original poem or rap on ending violence against women and girls

Every day, everywhere, all over the world, women and girls face violence. While there is no single cause of such violence, one of the strongest and most consistent factors are the harmful social norms that uphold male dominance and control over women’s bodies and lives.

But we can change it. And it starts with challenging these widely-held attitudes and beliefs, with a little help from some amazing artists and musicians.

As part of our global movement to eliminate violence against women and girls, twelve rappers, poets and singers from across Asia, Africa and Latin America are playing in a global jam session called the “Say Enough Cypher”, with original poems and songs aimed at transforming the social norms that fuel gender-based violence.

Via rap, rhythm, and rhyme, they’re lending their voice to say #Enough to violence against women and girls.

World music band, Talahib People's Music is representing the Philippines to dedicate their song, Babaylan - which talks about rural women rising against oppression and violence, women who calls to an end to the struggle that binds them. 

Talahib People’s Music is a world music band incorporating indigenous instruments into pop/rock music. Their songs are filled with social commentaries, messages of empowerment, and rage against inequality. The group believes their music exists to give a voice to those who are abused, oppressed, and marginalized.

Join their jam by using #SayEnoughCypher on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.