Oxfam Pilipinas Electoral Agenda

Today, we are faced with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing wealth and gender inequalities, entrenched injustices, the onslaught of disasters and conflict, and threats to good governance and democracy. The future of our nation lies in our collective power to choose the best leaders for this nation. We must make our vote count and encourage others to do the same.     

As an organization deeply committed to a just and equal society, Oxfam Pilipinas hopes to contribute to enabling voters to  vote in an informed and policy-based way, and vote for leaders who will lead us to a just and equal future for all.  


How can we ensure our future elected leaders will uphold our vision? Here are three thematic agenda that we think can make this happen:  


The impacts of climate change worsen the people’s poor living conditions. People face cyclical extreme weather conditions. It has greatly affected people’s lives and livelihood, land and water resources, and food production, increasing the number of people living with hunger. 

Oxfam calls our next leaders to:  

  • Affirm the Philippines’ global commitment to stop global temperature rise at the safest level possible and promote a carbon-neutral economy.  
  • Have a clear agenda on promoting and shifting to clean energy. Move energy companies and banks to stop financing coal and invest in renewable energy. Increase deployment of renewable energy facilities especially in vulnerable and marginalized off-grid communities  
  • Adapt climate resilient efforts and anticipatory actions in disaster management and long-term development plans.   
  • Implement programs that protect and restore our ecosystems.  



Everyday, women are denied their rights and are confronted by discrimination, violence, and inequality whether in or out of their homes. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the state of women and girls, especially those with poor access to services, lesser opportunities, lesser influence and power in their communities, and fewer resources.  

Gender justice is important to end poverty. With this, we call on our next leaders to:  

  • Provide gender-responsive and inclusive response and recovery plans and strategies in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and other disasters. Our next leaders should consider the different needs and participation of women and girls, LGBTQIA+, and groups who are often marginalized and excluded.  
  • Strengthen and support programs and policies that address the elimination of violence against women, girls, and the LGBTQIA+.   
  • Provide safe, quality, and accessible sexual and reproductive health services and information for all.  
  • Improve women’s economic security through the 5Rs of care work: Recognizing, Redistributing and Reducing women’s unpaid care, and Rewarding and Representing care workers.   
  • Support and strengthen the implementation of the law that prohibits the practice of child marriage in the Philippines.  
  • Recognize that LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights and translate it to the nation’s programs and policies.  
  • Strengthen gender-responsive and inclusive plans and programs for the response and recovery of families displaced by armed conflict, ensuring full and meaningful participation of the affected communities.  


Extreme poverty and inequality affect us all, but it is always the poorest of the poor who suffer the most. The COVID-19 pandemic has especially affected the most vulnerable, exposing and further widening the gap between the rich and the poor. To close this gap, the pandemic and its impacts must be addressed, barriers must be removed, and systems that disfavor the poor must be changed.   

Oxfam calls on our next leaders to implement effective COVID-19 recovery programs that will:  

  • Create decent and dignified jobs  
  • Integrate climate justice into recovery efforts, by, for instance, driving investment in clean, green jobs; modernizing our grid; and advancing fossil free energy  
  • Acknowledge the importance of care work and make this a vital part of recovery efforts  
  • Strengthen responsive and inclusive social protection mechanisms and services  
  • Strengthen the health care system, including support for frontline and health workers  


We deserve leaders who will be bold enough to address the nation’s challenges.  

Let us exercise our collective power and vote for a just and equal world.