Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive each week about Oxfam in the Philippines' principles and programmes. For more answers about the recruitment process, see here: 

  1. Where can I find detailed information on Oxfam Philippines' partners and projects?
  2. Where can I find research information on Oxfam for my studies?
  3. How can I work for Oxfam Philippines?
  4. How can I find out and participate in Oxfam Philippines' campaigning events?
  5. How can I find out about partnership with Oxfam Philippines?
  6. How can I contact a particular staff member?
  7. How can I report a bug or send feedback about website? 

1. Where can I find detailed information on Oxfam Philippines' partners and projects?

Oxfam in the Philippines has been at work in the Philippines for 30 years and has a wide diversity of programmes and partners. You will read a lot of information about the work that we do in the country, as well as in other places where Oxfam is present, in the stories, articles, and blogs we post. For more detailed information about our partners, kindly visit our Partner with Us Page. If you want to know about what Oxfam is doing in other countries, please visit the websites of the Oxfam affiliates

2. Where can I find research information on Oxfam for my studies?

From time-to-time, we receive requests from schools and students asking for help or advise on their specific researchers. However, it is a challenge for us to advise researchers due to our limited resources. However, Oxfam produces a wealth of information covering various topics on national and international issues. You can view our Annual Report for an overview of our work and activities. A list of research reports and policy papers can also be read and downloaded from our Publications Section of the website. A great deal of information can also be found at Oxfam GB's Policy and Practice Website. However, we can also response directly; send us a message through the Contact Us tab and get in touch with us.

3. How can I work for Oxfam Philippines?

Working at Oxfam Philippines means so much more than having an eight-to-five job. As an employee, you are joining a team of professionals in more than 90 countries in the world who are all committed to delivering lasting change to end world poverty and injustice. Working for Oxfam Philippines will give you opportunities to enrich your career across different programmes and focus areas. All our current Oxfam Philippines' opportunities can be found at the Get Involved Section of the website. Oxfam jobs are also advertised via

4. How can I participate in Oxfam Philippines' campaigning events?

Oxfam campaigns for changes that will make the world safer and more just for its poorest and most vulnerable people. Working with a global team of campaigners and allied organizations and partners, Oxfam Philippines is currently campaigning in these main areas: food and climate change (the GROW campaign); safety and dignity when affected by conflict and disaster (the Rights in Crisis campaign); and peace and conflict transformation in the Bangsamoro (Conflict Transformation in Mindanao). Around the world, Oxfam is active in calling for sustainable change. Take action online now by visiting Oxfam's Act Now Website

5. How can I find out about partnership with Oxfam Philippines?

Partnership is at the crux of our work.  We believe that the only way we can achieve our commitment of elevating the dialogue on gender and reducing injustice often committed to those who live in the periphery of society is by working through partners – organizations that can ensure Oxfam’s works and programs are translated into meaningful action. To understand the principles that guide our work in long-term development, humanitarian responses, and campaigns and advocacy, please read our Partnership Principles document at the Partner with Us Section of the website. Please bear in mind that partnership does not entail financial support or any type of funding on the part of Oxfam. For a fuller explanation of our beliefs, strategic aims, approaches, please refer the Who We Are section of our website. 

6. How can I contact a particular staff member?

You will find our contact information in the Contact Us Section of this website. When contacting us, please make clear the specific information you need or the reason for your inquiry: this will help us respond more quickly.

7. How can I report a bug or send feedback about website?

We value your feedback and really appreciate your comments about any issues or bugs you have noticed while visiting our website. To report an issue with our site or to simply share your comments, please click the Contact Us button on the right-hand site of every page which will take you to a form that you can complete.