Weathering the Crises, Feeding the Future: Philippine food justice report

A little girl gleans shells on the island of Mahaba, Surigao del Sur, to augment the family income. On average, the poorest Filipino households live on less than a dollar a day, 60% of which is spent on food. (Original photo: Veejay Villafranca)
Paper author: 
Jeanne Frances Illo and Dante Dalabajan with contributions of Kalayaan Constantino, John Magrath, Marie Nuñez, Felipe Ramiro, Riza Bernabe, Shalimar Vitan, Jodie Thorpe, Glenn Maboloc and Kelly Gilbride
Paper publication date: 
Thursday, September 1, 2011

The continued conversion of agricultural lands, the degradation of ecosystems and the impacts of climate change have doubled the burden on agricultural communities to produce food. This combination has made the Philippines more vulnerable to global food price surges. This paper examines the issues confounding the Philippine food system, and sets outs recommendations for a new agriculture future in which Filipinos have enough to eat, always.