Saganang Amin: Notes on the Exhibit

Saganang Amin publication (Original photo: Veejay Villafranca)
Paper author: 
Rodilyn Abella Bolo and Daryl Leyesa
Paper publication date: 
Friday, March 11, 2016

Saganang amin captures the stories of women as they gather food amidst their struggles for land and water rights, for secure settlements and protection against natural and economic shocks, for a voice in their own households, and for equal recognition and opportunity in this country. It believes that when women’s roles are recognized, and equally supported as men, more food can be sustainably produced. It is an assertion of women’ views and voices, as they claim and create spaces for themselves, for their families, and for their communities.

This is part of Oxfam’s call for poor women to benefit more from increased investments in sustainable agriculture and fisheries, in social protection, and in climate change adaptation financing. This way, women can also gain more confidence and power in taking care of their bodies, and protecting themselves from violence.