Sustainable Finance Framework

An Indonesian small-scale shrimp farmer and part of his morning harvest. One of the many farmers working alongside PT. ATINA and ASIC to create improvements in shrimp production. - Lanrisang Village, Pinrang Regency, Indonesia. (Photo by C.J. Scott)
SINGAPORE - The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) and the certification assessment body NSF International have announced a joint collaboration to promote sustainability compliance with small-scale shrimp farmers in Southeast Asia .
A worker weighs bananas in a packing plant in Davao de Oro. Most women in the banana farming industry work in these plants, each handling hundreds of trimmed banana clusters per day. (Photo: Dada Grifon/IDEALS)
Last April, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), or the Philippine Central Bank, signed a Sustainable Finance Framework for all banks in the Philippines. The framework is a gamechanger for local finance. In the next three years, banks in the country will be required to adopt sustainability...
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