gender equality

It is almost cliché to say that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But it is a socio-economic reality that cannot be ignored. In the Philippines, statistics show that the number of billionaires and the wealth they accumulate is constantly rising while more and more people are living in...
Marawi evacuees, volunteer
"Thank you, women who chose to stand for justice even if they stood alone."
In Anibong hundreds of people were killed when the storm surge destroyed dwellings and washed giant container ships ashore. Before the storm the government issued a 'storm surge' warning, however many residents did not understand the term and did not evacuate to higher ground.  Survivors were left homeless and without access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Oxfam is one of the leading agencies working to ensure people have safe water, hygiene and sanitation facilities (WASH work) following typhoon
Climate change impacts such as those that come in the form of stronger and more frequent typhoons are increasing natural hazards in many areas of the Philippines already highly prone to multiple disasters because of their location on both the typhoon path and earthquake and volcanic belt. Given the...
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